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Travel by train to Wolhusen Kreisel, Switzerland’s charming town with a unique circular street design. Enjoy breathtaking scenery, historical attractions, and convenient train connections with CFF and Interrail. Book tickets with Omio and Raileurope or explore cost-effective options.

Wolhusen Kreisel is a charming and quaint town located in the heart of Switzerland, known for its unique circular street design.

Whether you’re traveling from within Switzerland or from another EU country, the easiest way to reach Wolhusen Kreisel is by train. The CFF offers regular connections to and from the town, making it a convenient option for those who wish to do some sightseeing or simply enjoy the charms of the town.

If you’re looking to book your tickets, there are several resellers that offer tickets for the CFF, including Omio and Raileurope. While booking through a reseller may be the easiest option, it is important to note that it often comes with a premium cost of 5-15%.

As an alternative, if you are an EU resident, it is possible to travel to and from Wolhusen Kreisel with Interrail. This option not only offers a cost-effective way to travel, but it also allows you to explore the beauty of the Swiss countryside while passing through breathtaking landscapes.

Once you arrive in Wolhusen Kreisel, you’ll immediately notice the breathtaking scenery that awaits you. The town is surrounded by lush green hills and boasts quaint houses and shops. One of the most unique features of Wolhusen Kreisel is its circular street design, which adds to the town’s charm and character.

There’s plenty to do in Wolhusen Kreisel, from exploring the town’s many shops and cafes to hiking in the surrounding hills. For those looking to indulge in some history, the Wolhusen Castle is a must-visit attraction. The castle dates back to the 15th century and offers a glimpse into the town’s rich history.

In addition to the castle, there are numerous other attractions to explore in Wolhusen Kreisel. The town is home to several churches, including the St. Martin’s Church, which dates back to the 12th century. The church is located in the town’s historic center and is a popular spot for visitors to explore.

Overall, Wolhusen Kreisel is a charming town that is perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in Switzerland’s rich history and culture. With convenient train connections and stunning scenery, this town is sure to be a highlight of any trip to Switzerland.

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