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Travel by train to Wohlen AG Sports Facility in Switzerland! Participate in various sports activities, from tennis to football, and enjoy the beautiful countryside. Purchase tickets from Omio or Raileurope to make your journey comfortable and easy.

Welcome to the Wohlen AG Sports Facility! Located in Switzerland, this modern facility is an ideal destination for sports enthusiasts and adventurers looking to participate in a wide range of activities.

Getting to Wohlen AG Sportanlagen is easy, with multiple options to choose from. The most convenient means of transportation is the train with CFF. You can purchase tickets from Omio, Raileurope, and other reputable resellers. Purchasing your tickets through a reseller can be the quickest and most comfortable option, although it may come at a higher cost of 5-15% than booking directly with the operator.

If you are an EU resident apart from Switzerland, you can benefit from Interrail conventions to travel to and from Wohlen AG Sportanlagen. This allows you to explore the beautiful countryside while also experiencing the thrill of sports at one of the most stunning locations in Switzerland.

Upon arriving in Wohlen, you’ll find a top-notch facility with a vast array of sports equipment for use. Sporting activities at this facility include tennis, track and field, football, basketball, and more.

Tennis enthusiasts will appreciate the six well-maintained courts, accompanied by equipment rentals and ample space for practice. Additionally, the facility offers four tracks with a special focus on long and high jumps.

If football or soccer is more your style, you’ll find space on an artificial pitch specifically designed to provide a high-quality game. The pitch is seasonal, with a natural grass pitch provided during those months.

Basketball court available to all participants to run tournaments, pick-up games, or refine and practice their basketball skills. Plus, our indoor gym at the facility is open throughout the year, providing year-round opportunities to stay in shape.

If you want to start with accessible activities, there are one or more mini golf courses, which could be a great way to enjoy leisurely family outings. It’s perfect for families with young children or beginners.

Wohlen AG Sports Facility, located in idyllic Switzerland, is the perfect destination for sports enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re looking to build up your game or refine your skills, there’s always something exciting to do in this modern and well-equipped sports facility. Experience everything that Wohlen has to offer today!

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