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Travel by train to Vercelli, Italy and discover its historic landmarks, picturesque streets, and delicious cuisine. Learn about transportation options, things to do, and local food and drink in this charming Italian city.

Located in the foothills of the Italian Alps, Vercelli is a charming city known for its picturesque streets and historic landmarks. Whether you’re a first time visitor or a seasoned traveler, there’s plenty to see and do during your trip to this beautiful city. Here’s everything you need to know about traveling to and from Vercelli.

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to travel to Vercelli is by train. Several train operators including Deutsche Bahn, SNCF, and Trenitalia operate regular services to the city. You can book tickets through resellers such as Omio, Trainline, Raileurope, and All Aboard. However, it’s worth noting that booking directly with the train operator is often cheaper than booking through a reseller. This may require a bit of extra time and effort, but it also allows you to compare prices and find the best deal.

For travelers residing in other EU countries, Interrail is a convenient option for traveling to and from Vercelli. With an Interrail pass, you can travel across several European countries, including Italy, by train. However, it’s important to note that restrictions and conditions may apply depending on the type of Interrail pass you choose.

Things to Do:
Once you’ve arrived in Vercelli, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Take a stroll along the city’s historic streets, which are lined with beautiful buildings and landmarks. Visit the Basilica di Sant’Andrea, a stunning example of Italian baroque architecture. The church is home to several works of art, including frescoes and sculptures, and is well worth a visit.

If you’re interested in history, be sure to check out the Museo Camillo Leone. The museum is dedicated to the region’s agricultural history, and features exhibits on rice farming, flour milling, and other local industries. You can also learn more about the city’s history at the Castello di Vercelli, a 14th century fortress that now houses a museum and art gallery.

Food and Drink:
No trip to Vercelli is complete without sampling some of the region’s delicious cuisine. The city is known for its rice dishes, including risotto alla milanese, a creamy dish made with saffron and beef broth. You can also try panissa, a local dish made from rice, beans, and salami. For dessert, be sure to try the local amaretti cookies, which are made with almond flour and sugar.

In terms of drinks, Vercelli is home to several excellent wineries. Be sure to taste a few glasses of the local wine, which is known for its light and fruity flavor. You can also try some local grappa, a traditional Italian spirit made from grape pomace.

Overall, Vercelli is a city that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in history, food, or just exploring the beautiful streets, you’re sure to enjoy your time in this charming Italian city.

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