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Travel by train to Reckingen, Switzerland hassle-free! Choose between Benerail and CFF and book tickets through Omio, Raileurope or All Aboard. Explore the charming village located in the heart of Valais, offering plenty of activities and scenic beauty.

Are you planning a trip to Reckingen, Switzerland and wondering how to get there? Look no further! Getting to and from Reckingen is easy and convenient by train. You can choose from two operators, Benerail and CFF, depending on your travel preferences.

To purchase your tickets, there are three main options: Omio, Raileurope, and All Aboard. Booking your entire trip through one of these resellers is the fastest and most straightforward option since you can compare prices and schedules from multiple operators at once. However, keep in mind that booking with a reseller usually costs 5-15% more than booking directly with the operator. So, if you prefer to save some money or have a specific preference, booking directly with Benerail or CFF may be the best option for you.

Moreover, if you are a resident of an EU country other than Switzerland, you can travel to and from Reckingen with Interrail pass. Interrail is a train travel pass that allows you to visit multiple countries in Europe using just one ticket. It’s an excellent option for those who want to explore Switzerland and beyond on a budget.

Once you arrive in Reckingen, you’ll be delighted by its scenic beauty, surrounded by mountains and picturesque architecture. It’s a charming village located in the heart of Valais, offering plenty of activities and sights for visitors, including hiking, skiing, and exploring the historic town center.

So, whether you’re travelling solo or with your loved ones, Reckingen is a fantastic destination to add to your bucket list. With easy train access, convenient ticket options, and plenty to see and do, your trip is sure to be a memorable one.

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