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Trains to Praha Airport (Václav Havel)

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Looking for ways to get to and from Praha Airport? Check out our guide to transportation options including trains, buses, and Interrail passes. Book directly to save on tickets and enjoy a stress-free journey.

Welcome to Praha Airport! As one of the busiest airports in the Czech Republic, Václav Havel Airport is the gateway to this beautiful country for millions of visitors every year. Whether you’re arriving in Prague for business or leisure, you’ll find a range of transportation options to take you to your final destination.

One of the most convenient and affordable ways to travel to and from Praha Airport is by train. The airport is well-connected to the Czech railway network, and you can catch trains from the two terminals to destinations across the country. The main railway operator, České dráhy, operates regular services to cities like Brno, Plzen, and Olomouc, as well as international destinations in neighboring countries like Germany and Poland.

Another popular option for getting to and from Praha Airport is by bus. Flixbus is one of the largest bus companies in Europe, and they offer regular services to and from the airport to cities across the Czech Republic and beyond. You can also book bus tickets with other operators like RegioJet and Leo Express. Tickets for both trains and buses can be purchased online through resellers like Omio, or directly from the operators themselves.

One thing to keep in mind when booking your transportation to and from Praha Airport is that prices can vary depending on the method of booking. While resellers like Omio can be convenient because they allow you to book your entire trip (including flights, trains, and buses) in one place, they often charge a markup of 5-15% compared to booking directly with the operator. So if you’re looking to save money, it may be worth booking your transport directly with the train or bus company.

If you’re a resident of another EU country besides the Czech Republic, you have an additional transportation option for getting to and from Praha Airport: Interrail. Interrail is a popular train pass that allows you to travel across Europe by train at a discounted rate. If you have an Interrail pass, you can use it to travel to and from Praha Airport as long as you’re traveling to or from another EU country. This can be a great way to save money on transportation if you’re planning a longer trip across Europe.

No matter how you choose to get to and from Praha Airport, we hope you have a smooth and stress-free journey. Enjoy your time in Prague, and make sure to take advantage of all the amazing sights and experiences this city has to offer!

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