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Travel by train to Østerport St. in Copenhagen, Denmark, a hub for national and international train services. Find transport options, ticket types, and discounts for Interrail pass holders. Book now and enjoy a convenient and affordable journey! #travelbytrain #OsterportSt #Copenhagen #Interrail #discounts

Østerport St. is one of the most important railway stations in Copenhagen, Denmark. Situated in the eastern part of the city, it is a hub for national and international train services. The station is used by commuters and travelers who prefer trains as a mode of transport. If you’re looking to travel within Denmark or to other parts of Europe, Østerport St. is a good place to start.

Transport Options

Østerport St. is accessible by four operators: Deutsche Bahn, Benerail, DSB, and their partners. These operators offer train services both nationally and internationally, so you can pretty much travel to any destination you desire. You can book your train tickets directly with your preferred operator or use a reseller service through Omio, Trainline, Raileurope, and All Aboard. Buying from a reseller is a convenient option since they do the legwork for you, but keep in mind that it usually costs more than booking directly with the operator.

Ticket Options

When you purchase a ticket to or from Østerport St., you have the option of choosing between first and second class. First-class often offers better amenities and comfort than second class, but it comes at a higher cost. However, if you book in advance or during peak times, the difference in price between the two classes can be significantly lower. Additionally, if you’re traveling as a group, you can take advantage of discounted fares offered by most operators.

Traveling with Interrail

If you’re a citizen of another EU country, you can travel to and from Østerport St. with Interrail, one of the most popular rail passes in Europe. Although Denmark isn’t a part of the Eurail network, Interrail passes are still valid for travel within Denmark. However, you need to make sure that your chosen train operator accepts Interrail passes before booking your trip. If you’re planning to visit other destinations across Europe, Interrail also grants you access to many countries and cities.


Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Østerport St. offers easy and convenient access to different parts of Copenhagen, Denmark, and beyond. With multiple operators and ticket options, you have the flexibility to choose the ticket type and operator that best suits your travel needs. Plus, if you’re an Interrail pass holder, you can explore Denmark and other parts of Europe at discounted prices. So go ahead and book your train ticket to or from Østerport St., and enjoy a comfortable and affordable journey.

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