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Travel by train to charming Neuilly-lès-Dijon in the Burgundy region of France. Explore historic landmarks, nearby vineyards, and enjoy a peaceful retreat from city life. Book tickets easily with SNCF and resellers like Omio and Trainline. Consider an Interrail pass for flexible travel throughout Europe.

Neuilly-lès-Dijon is a charming and quaint village located in the heart of the Burgundy region of France. This picturesque town is known for its peaceful atmosphere, stunning architecture, and rich history. Whether you are a history buff, a wine lover, or simply looking for a peaceful retreat from the bustle of city life, Neuilly-lès-Dijon is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway.

By rail, Neuilly-lès-Dijon is easily accessible from other major cities across France and Europe. The French national railway company, SNCF, operates regular trains to and from Neuilly-lès-Dijon. Additionally, you can book tickets through a number of resellers, including Omio, Trainline, Raileurope, and All Aboard.

Booking through a reseller is the fastest and easiest way to secure your train tickets, but it usually comes at a premium of 5-15% over the actual cost of booking directly through the operator. It is therefore highly recommended that you compare prices across all platforms before making your reservation.

If you are a resident of another EU country besides France, you have the option of travelling to Neuilly-lès-Dijon with Interrail. This pass allows you to travel throughout Europe, including France, with ease and flexibility. With Interrail, you can enjoy unlimited train travel, discounted rates on ferries and buses, and access to exclusive discounts on museums and other attractions throughout Europe.

Once you have arrived in Neuilly-lès-Dijon, you can explore the town and its surrounding areas by foot or bike. The town is home to several historic landmarks, including the Château de Barbirey-sur-Ouche, a magnificent castle dating back to the 14th century.

For wine lovers, a visit to the nearby vineyards and wineries of the Côte de Nuits region is highly recommended. Here, you can sample some of the finest wines in France and learn about the history and production of wine in this iconic region.

In conclusion, Neuilly-lès-Dijon is a charming town that is easily accessible by train from major cities across France and Europe. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and proximity to some of the finest vineyards in France, Neuilly-lès-Dijon is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a peaceful retreat from the bustle of city life.

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