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Travel by train to Libourne, a picturesque town in southwest France with charming ancient architecture and sprawling vineyards. Explore the historic center, tour vineyards, attend a sound and light show or sample wines at Château de la Rivière. Conveniently accessible by train, it’s a must-visit for any France itinerary.

Situated in the southwest of France, Libourne is a charming town with rustic ancient architecture and picturesque vineyards. It is an ideal place for a getaway for tourists looking for a serene setting to explore.


Traveling to and from Libourne is very convenient with the railway network of France operated by SNCF. Four online travel agencies (OTAs) – Omio, Trainline, Raileurope, and All Aboard – sell tickets for trains departing from and arriving at Libourne. It is often the quickest option to book your entire trip with a reseller, but it may cost slightly more than booking directly with SNCF.

Residents of any EU country aside from France can take advantage of the presence of the Interrail train pass which allows them unlimited train travel at low costs around Europe. Travelers with Interrail passes can include Libourne as a pit-stop on their itinerary.

Things to do:

Historic Town Center: The town center of Libourne has preserved some of its ancient architecture, including statues of the town’s bishop François de Sourdis and the famous engineer Pascal Coste. It is a good place for a leisurely stroll to learn about the history of the town.

Château de la Rivière: Located on the slopes of the Fronsac hills south-west of Libourne, the Château de la Rivière is one of the largest estates in the area. The château organizes private wine tastings and has a wide range of wines that visitors can sample before buying.

Touring Vineyards: The vineyards in Libourne are just as important as the town center. Wine enthusiasts can take numerous guided tours of the vineyards, including the Saint-Émilion vineyards and the Pomerol vineyards. And for those who need a change from wine, there is the Fronsac vineyard.

Sound and Light Show: During the summer, there is a sound and light show held on the walls of the citadel in Libourne. The show incorporates the history of the town to entertain the visitors.

Overall, Libourne is a beautiful and serene escape where visitors can relax and recharge. It is a town that must be included on any tourist’s itinerary when visiting France, and with the convenient transportation via train, it is easy to get there and back again.

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