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Travel by train to the charming village of Lajoux in Switzerland and explore the renowned Lajoux JU école, winter sports, rich history, and local cuisine with this ultimate travel guide. Nestled in the picturesque Jura valley, Lajoux JU école is a must-visit for educational enthusiasts, nature lovers, and foodies alike. Discover the easiest and most convenient way to reach Lajoux JU ecole by train and explore everything this region has to offer. Check out our recommendations for accommodation, things to do and see, and famous Swiss delicacies. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience!

Nestled in the picturesque valley of Jura in Switzerland lies the charming village of Lajoux. However, amidst the serene landscape, this village is also home to one of the most renowned educational institutions in Switzerland- Lajoux JU école. If you’re planning to visit this exclusive campus and exploring everything that this region has to offer, read on for an ultimate travel guide.

Getting there:

The easiest and most convenient way to reach Lajoux JU ecole is by train. Swiss Federal Railway (CFF) operates trains to the closest station, Frasne, about 13 miles away from Lajoux. From there, you can take a local taxi or bus to reach the school. You can check the timetable, fares, and book your tickets online at the CFF website.

Alternatively, international travelers can also purchase tickets through resellers such as Omio and Raileurope. These websites offer bookings and confirmation of travel itineraries, including local transport options. However, if you want to save a few bucks, booking your ticket yourself via CFF will get you better deals.

For travellers who are residents of another EU country than Switzerland, Interrail offers ticket options to reach Lajoux. Interrail Passes are a convenient and cost-effective way to travel by train across Europe. So, an interrail pass gives you the freedom to explore beyond Switzerland with just a single ticket.

Things to do and See:

Set in stunning, natural scenery, an educational campus of Lajoux JU ecole is a must-visit for educational enthusiasts. The school offers courses in a variety of subjects, fields such as finance, business, economics, and hospitality.

Apart from the school, Lajoux is a well-known winter sport destination, offering ski trips and winter sports activities. It is also a hub for snowshoe treks, hiking and climbing, with easy trails for novices and challenging ones for the experienced.

If history interests you, a visit to the close-by town of St Ursanne is worth it. Once an abbey town, the town is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, with museums and ancient ruins displaying its rich history.

For art lovers, Musée Eugène Burnand showcases works of the famous Swiss painter and illustrator Eugène Burnand. The museum features works that depicts the charm of rural life, nostalgic landscapes and portraits of authentic characters were seen in the 19th and early 20th century.

As for foodies, Switzerland is famous for its chocolate and cheese, and trying the famous Swiss Fondue or Raclette is a must. Auberge des Franches Montagnes, situated near Lajoux JU école, is a highly recommended restaurant that serves authentic local delicacies in a picturesque alpine setting.


There are several accommodation options available near Lajoux JU école, depending on budget and preference. Student dormitories in the school and budget-friendly backpacker hostels are highly recommended. For a more upscale experience, hotels in neighbouring towns can be found with high-end amenities.

Overall, a trip to Lajoux JU école is an experience that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. The school is not only an educational hub but also a gateway to breathtaking winter landscapes, rich history, and innovative cuisine. So whether you’re a student, a nature lover, or an adventurous soul, Lajoux JU ecole is a destination you should not miss.

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