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Travel by train to Kampen, Germany’s Isle of Sylt for a peaceful retreat. Stay at Hamburger Kinderheim hostal, welcoming visitors since the 1930s. Enjoy the natural beauty of white sandy beaches and clear blue water, hike through dunes, or simply relax. The hostel offers comfortable spacious rooms, a friendly staff, and excellent facilities including a sun-drenched dining room, cozy lounge, gardens, and children’s playground. Book your travel with Deutsche Bahn or Interrail for discounts throughout Europe. Discover a memorable stay at Hamburger Kinderheim!

Kampen, located on the Isle of Sylt in Germany, is a popular destination for travelers looking for a peaceful retreat. One of the best places to stay in Kampen is the Hamburger Kinderheim, a historic hostel that has been welcoming visitors since the 1930s.

Getting to Kampen is easy, thanks to the well-connected transportation network that links the Isle of Sylt to the mainland. If you’re coming from Germany, you can take a train with Deutsche Bahn. Tickets are available from resellers like Omio, Trainline, Raileurope, and All Aboard. While booking your entire trip with a reseller is the fastest, easiest option, it’s usually more expensive – expect to pay 5-15% more than if you’d booked directly with Deutsche Bahn.

If you’re traveling from another EU country than Germany, you can use Interrail to get to and from Kampen (Sylt) Hamburger Kinderheim. Interrail is an excellent option for budget-minded travelers, and it offers great discounts on trains throughout Europe.

Once you arrive in Kampen, you’ll be struck by the natural beauty of the area. The white sandy beaches and clear blue water are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and fishing. You can take hikes through the dunes, visit the nearby nature reserve, or simply relax on the beach and watch the waves.

The Hamburger Kinderheim is an excellent place to stay during your trip to Kampen. The hostel is located in a quiet, residential area, surrounded by lush gardens and beautiful trees. The rooms are clean, comfortable, and spacious, ensuring that you’ll have a good night’s sleep. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and they’ll be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you might have.

During your stay, be sure to take advantage of the hostel’s excellent facilities. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast in the sun-drenched dining room, relax in the cozy lounge with a book, or explore the gardens and grounds. There’s even a children’s playground, making Hamburger Kinderheim the perfect place for families with kids.

Overall, Kampen (Sylt) Hamburger Kinderheim is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a peaceful retreat in beautiful surroundings. The welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and excellent facilities ensure that you’ll have a memorable stay that you’ll cherish forever.

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