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Discover the charm and tranquility of Écuelle, a picturesque village in the heart of Burgundy. Travel by train with SNCF or Interrail and explore historic sites, sample fine wine, and savor delicious cuisine. Get there hassle-free and unwind in this hidden gem.

Nestled in the heart of the Burgundy region, Écuelle is a picturesque village that exudes charm and tranquility. With its cobbled streets and lovely houses, it is the perfect getaway destination for anyone who wants to experience the laid-back French lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to sample fine wine, savor delicious food, visit historic sites, or enjoy outdoor activities, Écuelle has something to offer. Getting to this enchanting village is easy, thanks to several transportation options available.

Train Travel to and from Écuelle

The most convenient way to travel to Écuelle is by train, with the Société nationale des chemins de fer français (SNCF) being the primary service provider. The SNCF operates regional trains that connect Écuelle to major cities such as Dijon, Paris, and Lyon. These trains run frequently, so you can easily plan your itinerary to match your schedule. Additionally, there are several partners of the SNCF that operate trains linking it to other towns.

If you prefer traveling by train with other rail transport companies, several websites sell tickets for train travel, including Omio, Trainline, Raileurope, and All Aboard. These resellers offer a one-stop-shop solution, making it easy to select your preferred class, train, and route, and make the payment online. However, booking via a reseller might increase the ticket price by 5 to 15% than if you book directly through the operator.


If you are not a French resident, but reside in another EU country, then you are qualified to travel to Écuelle by rail via Interrail. Interrail is a ticket that enables tourists to discover Europe by train, offering an affordable and flexible way to visit multiple countries. The ticket price varies based on your age, travel dates, and the countries you want to visit. The Interrail ticket covers all travel fees within France, so you can make as many stops in Écuelle as you’d like.

Exploring Écuelle

Once you get to Écuelle, you’ll be spoilt for choice regarding what to do. There are numerous attractions that will pique your interest, ranging from natural sites to historic monuments. For history buffs, you can visit the Notre-Dame de la Motte Chapel, which dates back to the seventeenth century. There’s also a local museum that showcases the region’s history over the past few centuries.

For those who love the outdoors, Écuelle offers an array of activities that get you off the beaten track. You can take a stroll through the local vineyards, or hire a bike and explore the roads and villages around the village. Wine enthusiasts can also visit the wineries around Écuelle, where they can learn the art of winemaking and sample different wine flavors.

Foodies are treated to some of the finest French cuisine in Écuelle’s local restaurants. Indulge in sumptuous dishes featuring local produce, including Charolais beef, river fish, or Escargots de Bourgogne (snails from Burgundy). While in Écuelle, be sure to visit the farmers’ market, where you’ll find fresh, organic produce from the region.

Getting Around Écuelle

Getting around Écuelle is quite easy. The town is relatively small, and one can easily navigate it on foot. However, if you plan to visit villages around Écuelle, you may hire a car from a local operator or rent one from a car rental company. Buses are also available, with regular schedules to other towns and cities.


Écuelle is a hidden gem in the Burgundy region, offering visitors a tranquil and authentic French experience. You can get there easily by train and have the time of your life sampling the region’s wines, savoring the exquisite cuisine, and exploring the local museums and natural sites. A trip to Écuelle is an excellent opportunity to relax, unwind, and discover more about French culture.

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