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Travel by train to charming Cursi, nestled in the heart of Puglia, Italy. Indulge in traditional dishes, wander through narrow alleys, and explore stunning beaches. Book today to discover this hidden gem!

Cursi, a small town nestled in the Italian region of Puglia, is a hidden gem that is worth discovering. It may not be as well-known as its neighboring cities, but it has its own unique charm that will captivate any traveler.

To reach Cursi, you can take the train with Trenitalia. Tickets can be purchased online from various resellers like Omio, Trainline, Raileurope, and All Aboard. However, if you want to save money, booking directly with the operator is the way to go. Doing so may require a bit more effort, but it usually comes with a 5-15% discount.

For travelers who are residents of another EU country besides Italy, Interrail is a great option. This service allows you to travel to and from Cursi with ease, giving you a chance to explore all that Puglia has to offer.

Once you arrive in Cursi, take the time to wander the town’s narrow streets and alleys. Visit the central square, Piazza San Giovanni, and marvel at the beauty of the baroque church located there. Don’t miss a chance to try the local food, which is as authentic as it gets. You can taste traditional dishes like orecchiette alla pugliese, a type of pasta served with a sauce made from tomatoes and ricotta cheese, or cotognata, a dessert made with quince and sugar.

Aside from the town center, there are many places to explore in the surrounding area. The Adriatic Sea is just a few kilometers away, so you can take a dip in its crystal-clear waters or go for a walk on the stunning beaches that line the coastline. Further afield, the historic center of Lecce, known for its stunning baroque architecture, is just a 30-minute drive away.

Overall, Cursi is a destination that has something for everyone. Whether you love history, beaches, or food, you won’t be disappointed by all that it has to offer. So, book your trip today and get ready to discover one of Puglia’s hidden treasures!

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