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Travel by train to Acquappesa, a charming town in Calabria, Italy, known for its hot springs and stunning coastal location. With various transportation options available, getting here is a breeze! Explore the natural beauty, indulge in local cuisine, and stay in a range of accommodations. Don’t miss out on this hidden gem!

Acquappesa is a charming town located in the province of Cosenza in the Calabria region of Italy. The town is known for its natural hot springs and stunning coastal location, making it a popular destination for travelers looking to unwind and connect with nature.

Traveling to and from Acquappesa is easy as there are various transportation options available. The town is accessible by train with Trenitalia, one of Italy’s primary train companies. Tickets can be purchased directly from Trenitalia or from reselling websites such as Omio, Trainline, Raileurope, and All Aboard. While booking your entire trip with a reseller can be the fastest and easiest option, it usually comes with a 5-15% markup in price. If you are a resident of another EU country than Italy, you can travel to and from Acquappesa with Interrail, an affordable train pass that provides unlimited travel across Europe.

Once you arrive in Acquappesa, you’ll immediately appreciate its natural beauty. Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing soak in the hot springs, exploring the picturesque coastline, or hiking through the surrounding mountains, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Some of the town’s must-see attractions include the Acquappesa Thermal Baths, the Saracen Tower, and the Santa Maria delle Grazie church.

When it comes to dining in Acquappesa, you’ll find a range of options that showcase the local flavors and ingredients. The town is known for its freshly caught seafood, including dishes like grilled octopus and spaghetti alle vongole. For a sweet treat, try the local specialty, torrone, which is a nougat-like candy made with honey, almonds, and egg whites.

In terms of accommodation, there are several options to choose from in Acquappesa. Whether you’re looking for a hotel with a view of the sea, a cozy bed and breakfast, or a luxurious spa resort, you’ll find it here.

Overall, Acquappesa is a hidden gem that’s just waiting to be discovered. With its natural beauty, delicious food, and welcoming locals, it’s a town that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits.

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